Teddy bears, picnics and filles!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Maman

Today is Maman's birthday and we waked her up with a song of happy birthday so we did so we did. Yeah

And it was lovely it was and she said it was great and then she gave us bisous and EVERYthing because we're the bestest boys we are.

And Maman she's really old. She's like XX or something and that's really old for us because we're one and three but it's young for Granny because she's like 179 million. So we think she's old but she isn't really and stuff.


Tippster and TomTom

PS we had to edit de post because Maman was cross we told everyone she was 28
Sorry Maman - we took it out, see?

Monday, November 07, 2005



we havent never written on our blog for ages and ages and today Mummy is all guilty and letting us do whatever we want because she was boalt and left us at the foot of the bed for nearly two weeks and so we're writing on our blog and getting extra pocket money and having chocolate for breakfast and everything

It was TomTom's birthday in October and Mummy and Maman taked him to Rome (and me too) and it weas very nice but Tom couldn't see nothing because his hairs are too long and they bes in his eyes and everything

And tomorrow is Maman's birthday and we bes making her a present and everything :D

Have to go eat more chocolate. HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tipp's thoughts

So we didn’t never put nothing on our blog for ages and ages and so I bes putting something on there now because tomtom is asleep because he’s a BAAAABY and I’m a big boy so I am and so I don’t be sleeping only in the night.

We had a nice week so far this week and we had foie gras for din dins on Friday because Mummy got good news so we was celebrating and stuff and then Mummy and Maman went out with Aunty Moz and Mummy got drunk because she always gets drunk with Aunty Moz and Mummy’s animal guilt is gone now I think after that.

And then on Saturday Mummy and Maman went to Aunty Suzy’s house and they was supposed to bring us with them but they forgetted so we had to stay here in the dark all by ourselves and play with Scarlet. So that was ok.

And last night Uncle Daniel came over and had din dins with us and we like him cos he has a beard and it tickles and I bet that’s what all the boys say to him cos he’s gay. But that’s ok because we love him :)

My nose hurts now. I wish I had fingies for typing with.



Monday, September 05, 2005

Monday Monday

Maman came home and she brought loads of stuff like wine and pate and mayo and stuff and books about Petit Nicolas and everything :-)

And Maman and Mummy are giving up smoking cigarettes and they’re going to be in really bad mood so we’re getting all out pocket money for the next two months now so as to be sure. And Mummy is giving up meat except fish and Maman thinks she’s going to be all difficult about it now but Mummy says she has animal guilt and I don’t know what that is but I wonder if it’s like animal lust??

Me and Tippster are staying here today and Maman’s at school and Mummy has to go to the bank and then she has to come home and then she has to go to school too and so we’re going to be here on our own :-(

But now we have to go and have brekkie.


Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Today me and Tom sat up with Mummy and worked really hard colouring in the pictures and stuff and she was reading and writing and stuff and now Aunty Moz is coming over for coffee coz she bes living in a new house now and she bes not used to it and stuff. And then we’re going to correct some exams – well Mummy is, not us – and then Mummy has to go to bed early because tomorrow she has to go on a plane and stuff and then give a talk and then come home again off the plane and stuff and maybe Aunty Niamh comes over on Friday for a coffee or something but it’s nearly time for Maman to come home and we can’t wait.

So there so


Sunday, August 28, 2005


We miss Maman....all of us
Now it's time to go to bed so that we can make loads of work tomorrow and be good and everything
Seven more days and then Maman comes home

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Love Interest

This is Scarlet. She's gorgeous. We really like her. But she's got a potty mouth and she's always saying words from the list - the words Mummy says we're not allowed say - and so we're not supposed to hang around with her anymore but we do anyway in secret.

Tipp Talk

Wow I had a brilliant sleep and I’ve been sitting up and watching Mummy do some paper work and watching rugby on the television and that one from BBC sport – Clare whatsherface – was on it and Mummy started watching it then. I think she loves her. I hope she doesn’t because she loves Maman and I don’t want her to love nobody else but I think she doesn’t be loving other people really – just Maman!

We just had dinner and it was really tasty: it was pasta and tuna like the way Mummy makes it when Maman’s not here because Maman’s doesn’t like it.

Auntie Moz was meant to come to see us today but she didn’t come because she was doing something else I think. She’s mad. I like her. Except she always gets drunk and smokes cigars and then she talks funny to me! But still I like her!

I think Maman must be at home with her Maman by now probably having dinner or something. We’re going to have a little nap now and then look at some tele because the X Factor is on and Mummy loves it because Sharon Osbourne is on it and she loves her too.

She’s boalt.

Oh and Tom jumped on me and woke me up and hurt me. I don’t like him anymore so I hit him. And he’s thick because he made loads of mistakes in his post this morning because he’s only a BABY and he can’t write or nothing. So there so.

Ta Dah!

It's Saturday and it's the morning and we're awake - we just waked up because we went to bed very late because Maman was going away. She's gone back to her own Maman for a little while but she bes coming back next week again so that's ok. Tipp is still asleep and I'm typing this with my nose and that hurts a little bit but it's ok because I don't be writign veyr much right now. Mummy cleaned the house and everything already because she's a very good girl and now she's drinking tea and I had some of her coke and that';s boalt because it makes me HYPER but I don't care!!

I'm gonna go and play with my ball now and then jump on Tippster and wake him up!!


Tom Tom